Selecting the Best Bathroom Toilets for Your Home

Selecting the Best Bathroom Toilets for Your Home

There are many considerations to make when contemplating a new bathroom suite for your home. At their heart, all suites and fixtures need to be functional, but there is also the chance to find something a little unusual, modern and stylish. The same goes for all of our toilets  that we sell on the Casa Bathroomware website.

The toilet may not be the first thing that we think of when we think of a modern, attractive feature of the bathroom. Their main function does put up something of a barrier when seeing them as aesthetic objects. However, there are many different types of toilet out there. There are the more traditional options for familiarity, stylish space saving options to enhance the look of the room and other forms that offer greater convenience. This guide to selecting the best bathroom toilets for your home will look at the potential benefits of these types, as well as some of the other factors to consider.

Which style of toilet is the best one for your needs?

Some stores will talk about the five main types of toilet as being close coupled, back to wall, wall-hung, high level or low level. However, the options do extend a little further then that what it comes to choosing a style and function. The following all have their benefits and it is important to pick the best one for your situation:

Close coupled toilet: This type is the most common option in homes where the cistern is on top of the toilet in a single unit. For an in-depth article on close coupled toilets click here.

A typical close coupled toilet system

Back to wall toilet: This kind is where the toilet pan fits right up against the wall with a concealed cistern. This cistern could also be in a cabinet with a shelf on top. Fore more details on back to wall toilets click here.

A typical back to wall toilet system

Wall hung: This is when a toilet appears to be suspended above the floor. It is a modern look that allows for easy floor cleaning.

Low level and high level: This relates to the placement of the cistern in relation to the pan. High level toilets offer an old-fashioned look with a raised cistern and perhaps a chain flush. where the cistern is fitted to the wall and connected to the toilet pan by a length of chrome pipe.

Comfort height: These toilets tend to measure 4-5cm higher than a standard toilet for ease of use. They are often favoured by the elderly and disabled.

Corner toilets: these toilets sit in the corner to maximise the available space, making them ideal for small en-suites.

Other important considerations to make when choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.

Where is it going?

If the answer to this is simply “in the bathroom”, then you may not ready to choose the best option. You need to be aware of the space in the room. Is this unit going in the corner or in the middle of the wall? Have you left enough space for people to comfortably use it?

Who is going to install it?

It is tempting for home owners to go ahead with the installation themselves if it saves money, but this may not be the best idea. The parts and plumbing are probably best left to professionals to be sure that it all fits and works correctly. This is especially true with complex back to wall models.

What are you going to sit on?

Again, there is a clear obvious answer here, but what kind of seat? There are different toilet seats made out of different materials. This ranges from cheap plastic ones, to warm-coloured wooden ones and more durable thermoplastics. Ideally, it needs to be comfortable, long-lasting and easy to clean. The choice can depend on price, which leads to the final question.

How much are you willing to pay?

The more extravagant the features and the more labour intensive the installation, the more you will have to pay. There are some low-cost options in the traditional close-coupled toilets with a basic flush and a basic seat. Once you go for more stylish styles and concealed parts it can get more costly. Consider your budget wisely and really think about all the other factors mentioned. As long as you have a clear plan of what you need, the space of the room and the upper spending limit, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the ideal solution.

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