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Toilets are a central fixture of your bathroom, so it’s important to choose a design and look that matches the rest of your bathroom’s space. All of our toilets are made with high quality materials and finished with sleek and minimalist designer features, but most importantly they are cheap and affordable. When you are ready to choose a new toilet for your bathroom there are a number of options and styles to consider.

The differences can seem vast and range from the purely aesthetic through to its size and how much room it takes up along with how and where the toilet is to be fitted. This is without taking into account all the different finishes and flush systems let alone the surprising number of bowl and seat options. All in all there is a lot to consider!

At Casa Bathroomware we are here to guide you to help create the perfect fit for the budget conscious or whether you are wanting to create the most stylish and elegant of bathrooms. Below is a short guide that will take you through the key features of two main styles.

Back to Wall Toilet – This system is a modern, space saving option that is designed for small or contemporary bathrooms that is designed to fit flush against the wall. With its in-wall cistern and pipes hidden beneath the bathroom walls it is typically quieter to flush and has a modern minimalist finish with a streamlined look. This is also known as the back to wall toilet.

Close Coupled Toilet – This game changer is the common choice of replacement for the old traditional link style toilet. While also sleek and modern its major difference is simply that the pan does not sit back flush against the wall. The toilet is versatile and easy to fit if you are looking for flexibility when plumbing as it allows for either in floor or in wall waste outlets and is built around water saving technology that gives you peace of mind if you are environmentally conscious.

While there are many other options out there this should serve as a launchpad to discover all the other amazing alternatives on offer online through Casa Bathroomware. For more information read our Bathroom Toilets Guide which covers the products in more detail. Alternatively, feel free to get in contact with one of our friendly team for more information about all of our cheap and affordable toilets.