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I can only imagine the toil of picking new bathroom products for your home in Australia. Though choice is a wonderful thing it can also be very confusing and expensive if you get it wrong. You need to understand the idiosyncrasies before making your purchase decision, you need to think about many attributes like design, features & benefits, value for money, budget and the list goes on.

With a bit of luck, by the time you reach the end of this article the problem will be less of a challenge. Let’s take an example and look at what we should consider when buying a new wall faced toilet or a back to wall toilet as it’s often referred to here in Australia. Let’s begin with a wish list of 5 important things you might want to consider.

My list for this particular product would look something like this:

1. Water saving dual flush technology.
2. Stylish, Good design.
3. Quality, reliability and durability
4. Compact or Space saving
5. Locally Made or manufactured in Australia

Let’s dig a little deeper with our list and expand on why these would be important factors:

1. Saving water is good for the environment and for your wallet so there is potential pay back here over the long term. The higher the water saving the bigger the reward, every toilet in Australia must be given a star rating from 1 to 6 to inform you quickly about its water efficiency, 6 being the highest rating possible and it must be registered with WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Standard) so it’s a good idea to check before you buy dual flush toilet.
2. Design can be the most important factor if we consider who is going to be the main user of this product, for example, an elderly person may need an ambulant height wall faced toilet suite for ease of use, due to its extra height from the ground to the seat compared to a standard back to wall toilet suite. Whereas, a person with a disability may require a special toilet seat to prevent lateral movement when shifting to and from the toilet to a wheelchair. Parents with young children learning to use a dual flush toilet might need to have the a toilet suite fitted with a quick release seat for ease of cleaning and so on. Once we’ve identified with the right demographic we can start to narrow down our search.
3. Quality and durability, how well it’s made… are the guarantees or product warranties against manufacturing faults, poor workmanship or product failures for a long or short period of time, the longer the better. You don’t want to be searching toilet seat for sale 6 months after you’ve purchased your product because of poor-quality fitting which have broken or fallen off.
4. How big is the bathroom, let’s say we need to improve on the space we might want to consider a short projection wall faced toilet or a concealed cistern mounted inside the wall with just the push buttons visible for operating the flush, coupled to a back to wall toilet pan. These are great ideas which you should consider when you buy dual flush toilet.
5. This last one is more of a statement than a consideration of the product nonetheless, it’s important to support local businesses that contribute to our economy and create jobs for people who live here in Australia. You’re more likely to get support from a local business post sale than from an overseas seller. The item might be slightly cheaper to begin with but you’ll soon find how expensive it is if you find that business is no longer in business.

So, that’s it plain and simple just remember my point earlier about warranty, spare parts can be expensive especially if you can’t buy one that suits your toilet. Try doing a search on toilet seat for sale and see for yourself just how expensive good quality parts can be, don’t get caught like so many people do, never buy on price at the beginning because you’ll definitely pay more in the long run.