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Thank you for checking out our range of kitchen mixer taps and it’s no revelation that for such a simple product you have several options and designs available to you in Australia. Let’s start by looking at a few important aspects that you might need to consider. Firstly, how well aesthetically will the product match your new or existing décor. Secondly, what will be the main purpose of the tap and does it have a practical design. Thirdly, choose a finish from the many options available keeping in mind if you pick a colour when it comes to the kitchen you definitely want that colour to be an electroplated finish with similar properties to that of chrome plating, I would definitely try and avoid cheaper powder coated finishes as they aren’t as durable and are more prone to scratching. Lastly, how much you would ideally like to spend given your budget. The reason I put cost last is because quite simply, you can find designer tapware at affordable prices if you shop in the right places such as here at

Let’s take a look at the most obvious differences when trying to make a decision and choosing the right model for your own individual circumstances. Some options include a black kitchen fixed tap spout for a single bowl sink, kitchen tap swivel spout for double bowl sinks allowing you to move water from one side to the other, kitchen tap goose neck spout for additional height permitting you to fill larger pots and buckets or a kitchen tap with a pull-out vegie spray ideal for preparing vegetables and like the goose neck spout it can be used to fill containers that don’t fit inside the sink easily.

Once you have an understanding of the type and style of kitchen mixer tap that you want you can now decide on a colour or finish as it’s commonly referred to here in Australia. A traditional chrome plated tap or a more on trend coloured tap can significantly change the look of any kitchen or laundry. For example a black kitchen fixed tap or a matt black kitchen high rise swivel spout tap on a stone bench top with undermount sinks looks elegant and sophisticated whereas a traditional chrome plated standard spout looks timely in an older style setting. These days you have the luxury of being able to get other colours to spike your interest and for those of you that might want a time capsule here are some choices for you, rose gold, brass, white and even brushed nickel.

Leaving only one last but very important factor and that is the warranty, in short, the longer the better but, you will need to read the fine print. Alternatively, shop locally at reputable places such as who have an enviable reputation and a long standing 20-year history in Australia. As a family owned and operated business we care about our customers and we are always on standby to take your calls and assist you in any way we can.