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Bathroom accessories can add those finishing touches to any bathroom. When choosing bathroom accessories for your project you might want to consider the overall look and feel, you will ideally want to match the same or similar lines to your existing bathroom products. For example, if you’ve gone with a bathroom design that features a lot of straight edges and square shapes then it makes sense to look for those same design features for all of your bathroom products.

Now you have a design style picked out you will want to make sure that the particular product you’ve chosen is suitable to do the job, meaning, it is constructed with high quality materials in a way that will endure the demands of daily bathroom life here in Australia. You shouldn’t underestimate the constant stresses of products inside a bathroom situation, these products are constantly subjected to wet environments that are regularly in contact with soaps and cleaners, not to mention the demands of removing and replacing heavy bath towels on towel rails.

The materials used to make bathroom accessories in Australia can range from plastic to metal, desirably you want a product that is built from brass or stainless steel since they tend to be stronger and longer lasting. An important element that is often overlooked when choosing quality bathroom accessories is the type of wall fastening bracket it has, let’s face it the accessory is only as good as it’s fixing. To obtain the best possible outcome against the wall or tile you’ll want to have bathroom accessories that incorporate a dual screwed bracket so your new bathroom accessories don’t end up on the floor. A dual fix bracket has a single wall plate with two screw holes, one of which and sometimes both are elongated for accurate adjustment. Once the bracket has been securely attached to the wall with the appropriate screws the main item or dress fitting part of the bathroom accessory can now be fitted. Once in position the wall flange cover will conceal the bracket which is usually secured in position with a grub screw underneath so it’s hidden from view.

If choosing a coloured bathroom accessory there’s really only one additional rule to consider. Make sure that the product you’ve chosen is available as an electroplated colour finish and not a powder coated colour as both are available in Australia. Electroplating tends to be more like chrome plating whereas powder coated products tend to be cheaper and less durable and since you’ll be paying a premium for the privilege you want to get it right the first time.

There are many different shapes and colours of bathroom products in Australia. All being well, you can now find the right bathroom accessories to match your bathroom, if you’re ever in doubt about the quality just remember, if it’s constructed of brass or stainless steel and has a two-screw fix bracket then you’re probably going to enjoy a trouble-free product for many years to come.

If you wish to speak to anyone regarding your options call our friendly bathroom experts anytime to discuss your many selections.