A Guide to Buying a Back To Wall Bathroom Toilet

A Guide to Buying a Back To Wall Bathroom Toilet

A Guide to Buying a Back To Wall Bathroom Toilet

A back to wall toilet is pretty much as the name suggests. The toilet pan fits right against the wall, or alternatively a piece of furniture, and conceals the cistern. These back to wall options are clearly a more attractive solution to some of the more old-fashioned close coupled models that you can buy. They also happen to be one of the biggest selling toilets that we have. Before you rush out to rip out your old toilet and purchase a new back to wall model, there are some important pros and cons to consider.

Pro: A back to wall toilet saves space by concealing the cistern

This is the probably the most important benefit to mention with this style of toilet. The whole point of this model is to hide the cistern away from sight for a neater look. This can offer clean lines and a contemporary look in the bathroom while also saving on space. The act of putting the cistern behind the wall means that these toilets are immediately smaller and less obtrusive in the room. The alternative is to put the unit in a cupboard with a vanity shelf. This is a great way of making the most of the space.

Con: This approach means that there are two separate parts with a difficult installation process

The problem with this route is the work involved. Close coupled toilets like these – which have everything in one unit – are favoured by some developers because there is minimal plumbing and a straightforward installation. Back to wall models require installation inside the wall or a new cabinet to hide the cistern. It is worth the effort for the final look, but it is not easy.

back-to-wall-toilet-post-imagePro: There are lots of different options to choose from and some very modern styles

Back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets are at the top of the list when it comes to providing a clean, modern look in a home. They are minimalist and immediately more attractive without a big cistern to look at. The style and the popularity of these toilets means that there are many designers looking at different shapes and styles to suit different schemes. Some are pretty traditional and others are bolder and more angular.

The focus on the look of the toilet extends to the seat that is used. The absence of the cistern means that all attention is focused on the seat, giving buyers the chance to go for something more interesting. At the same time, buyers need to think about the possibility of a soft-close seat and the style of flush that they want. Do you want a push button flush to accentuate those clean lines? If so, should it be mounted in the wall or the top of a unit?

Con: All these choice and design options does mean that these back to wall toilets can get a little expensive

As with most purchases for the home, the more interesting features, clever materials and other details you add to your toilet, the more it will cost. At the same time, you have to remember that there are potentially two purchases here. When you buy a back to wall toilet you’ll need to buy a concealed cistern and the furniture unit separately if it is going in a cabinet. A back to wall toilet with a vanity cupboard, soft-close seat, high-end ceramic and designer name is going to cost a lot more than a more basic model.

There are pros and cons with this type of toilet, but they are still a sought-after option

The back to wall toilet may not be the straightforward option for a bathroom renovation as there are a number of costs and hassles to consider. These models look great, but the best features and materials come at price and a cabinet installation can be time consuming. Despite this, the final effect of these units usually makes the cost and effort worthwhile. They are stylish, minimalist options that can really make an impact in a new room. Make sure you check out our back to wall bathroom toilets for sale here for some of the best models available online at affordable prices.