Close Coupled Toilet Options for Your Bathroom

Close Coupled Toilet Options for Your Bathroom

The close coupled toilet is one of the most commonly found toilet types in modern homes. It is a shape and style we are all familiar with and it therefore jumps out as being the most obvious and convenient option for most home owners. The popularity of this toilet may be diminishing in favour of models that are more convenient, attractive or interesting, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still have its advantages in a modern bathroom. Out of all of our bathroom toilets that we sell, this would have to be the most popular.

Why is the close coupled toilet such a common fixture in our bathrooms?

There are many reasons why home owners and designers have stuck with the close coupled toilet for all these years. Familiarity has to be a big part of it. We are used to our toilets looking and behaving a certain way so it is easy to go for this simple style when redesigning a bathroom. The simple installation also means that they are easy replacements and a good option in housing schemes. These models do not require any hidden plumbing or difficult installation procedures, unlike the more stylish back to wall toilets like these. They are also popular because they are available in different styles at different ends of the price range.

There really is something for everyone with close coupled toilets

The range of styles and looks within modern designs of close coupled toilets means that most home owners should be able to find something that suits their needs and schemes. There are plenty of considerations to make when deciding on the ideal model for your bathroom. This means taking the time to think about the space of the room, the needs of the family and your budget.

close-coupled-toilet-post-imageDo you want a close coupled toilet that sits fully flush to the wall?

Some close coupled toilets will offer a fully flush to wall design. The main purpose of this is to conceal all the unattractive pipework and create a nicer look in the room. Some close coupled toilets can look a little outdated so this goes a long way towards creating a more contemporary look in a renovation. This flush fit also has the advantage of making the room easier to clean.

What should the toilet look like? What colour do you want it to be?

A basic white, ceramic toilet with working plumbing may be enough for many home owners, but there is nothing wrong with trying to add some style and elegance to a room if the option is there. The toilet should blend in with the room’s theme and compliment the rest of the suite. There are lots of different shapes and styles available that can take the room into a different direction.

Will it dominate the space?

The size of the toilet is an important consideration with this option. Because the cistern isn’t concealed, these models are immediately taller and more intrusive than back to wall models. A good rule is to look at a space of 80cm tall, 36-38 cm wide and between 61 and 68 cm deep, although this can vary.

What about the flush?

Just because this is a traditional model with a cistern on the back, that doesn’t mean you have to have a certain types of flush. Lever flushes are common on these options, but they are going out of fashion. It is possible to find models with a push button flush in the top for convenience.

Your close coupled toilet doesn’t need to be an afterthought when designing a bathroom

It is easy to leave the toilet until last in a bathroom design. You may see it as the functional item in the corner that doesn’t need to have the same sense of style as the bath or basin. However, the breath of styles and features on these traditional models shows that they really can become an important part of the aesthetic. Take the time to look at model that suits your home decor and personal style – you can take a look at our beautiful range of bathroom toilets for sale – all which come with free delivery Australia-wide.